Guest post: Jesse’s Ahi Tuna

Ahi tuna bowl

Since Anna has started a summer job before her dietetic internship begins, I’ve picked up some of the cooking responsibilities.

If you’ve read any other of her posts here you know Anna has made some very creative, tasty and most of all healthy recipes. Typically, the “dishes” I make are comprised of pasta, chicken, steak or something premade I can throw into the oven; so this was a challenge.

Anna and I went rifling through a few of her many cookbooks to choose something new and different. I got to make the final call, so I decided on the “ahi tuna poke bowl” from the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook.

So when Anna went to work, so did I. The dish was seared ahi tuna over sliced avocado, carrots, and cucumber “noodles.” What made it great was the sauce I had to prepare which we drizzled over our bowls. Well, Anna drizzled, I poured. The sauce was like an Asian vinaigrette with lemon, lime, soy sauce and more.

This finished product was extremely colorful, and equally delicious. We both enjoyed it, and it inspired us to be even more adventurous next time!



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