Sweet potato broccolini tacos


The best dishes really do happen by accident! I had such a happy accident last week! I was planning on baking a sweet potato and sauteing some broccolini (both which my mom and I had purchased at the Knoxville winter farmer’s market a few days earlier), but I wasn’t quite sure what else I was going to have with it to complete my meal. I was heading to the pantry to pull out the quinoa, when I spotted my leftover tortillas from the vegan bean and cheese tacos that I posted about. Then the lightbulb went off, sweet potato broccolini tacos sounded yummy AND I didn’t have to wash a whole new pot from making quinoa! Needless to say, I was sold on the quick dinner fix.

Boy, were these tacos delicious! I know this picture looks odd because I didn’t take the time to fill them evenly for the picture – hey, I was hungry! Anyways, I had a whole other half of sweet potato and extra broccolini that I poured on the plate after I took the picture, so at least I made it look sort of pretty for the blog!

Here is how I made this:


Sweet potato




Olive oil

Yellow corn and wheat tortillas

I baked the sweet potato at around 450 degrees for 45 – 50 minutes until soft all the way through. (No I do not peel it – I love the skins!)

Then, I sauteed some garlic and onion in a little bit of olive oil, and added the broccolini.

Finally, I assembled the veggies on two tortillas and probably finished the whole plate in about 5 minutes. Yep, they are that good.

I have to say, I think this would be an all time favorite for my dad. I kept thinking of how much he would love this! And it’s so easy too. The tortillas were unique because they are a a mix between corn and flour tortillas. They’re La Tortilla Factory brand and they’re made with yellow corn and wheat. I really, really loved these.

Try at your own risk; you may become obsessed. Disclaimer: I ate this same thing the next night for dinner and have eaten it the past two nights as well.


Bean and “cheese” tacos

Vegan bean & cheese tacos.jpg

So about a week ago I came across a recipe that caught my eye… It was for vegan bean and cheese tacos. I love beans and I love cheese, and I really love the idea of eating a little less animal products. Obviously I had to try this! The “cheese” in this recipe is made by blending hearts of palm and nutritional yeast. If you’re anything like my mom, you are making an icky face right now. But do NOT knock it ’til you try it! It definitely wasn’t cheddar cheese, but I kind of liked it. It would definitely take some getting used to on a regular basis, but it has a unique flavor and I would recommend at least trying it once.

These tacos are super quick to make, and she actually used chickpeas instead of black beans. I never would have thought of making chickpeas into tacos, but it was yummy! I’m a huge fan of chickpeas.

I didn’t feed this to anyone besides myself, so I can’t share any other opinions. Jesse loves cheese so so so much that he always is disappointed when I try to make a cheese substitute. Probably wouldn’t make this for him, but he would try a bite of mine while he ate his own tacos covered in gooey cheddar!

I’m always excited to try something new in the kitchen, and this recipe did not disappoint! Maybe you’ll be inspired to give it a go 🙂

Here is the recipe for anyone who wants to try it out:

20-Minute Bean And Cheese Tacos with 2-Ingredient Vegan Cheese